The Tactical Caveman! A Tragic Ending

The only PLAN in place to protect the Vancouver family, was a piece of paper ordering the assailant to stop his evil ways and quit threatening his family. The success of this this order depended on the voluntary compliance of the husband/felon. He decided not to comply, and there was no effective plan in place to stop his unpredictable, violent behavior. Without a counter plan, his plan moved ahead without interference.

A little history:

Fact: Sometimes our world can become a very scary & dangerous place.

Dangers have existed since the Caveman (cave-person?). The ill-mannered BIG Caveman would use violence to take what he wanted from the SMALLER, more docile Caveman: Big Caveman: “Kill the man. Take the woman”.

That worked every time, until the little guy got fed up with being taken advantage of by the big guy. Now, genetics would not let the smaller guy become magically bigger … BUT, the little guy COULD become smarter. And he picked up a club and trained to become the Tactical Cave Man. The club became the Great Equalizer. That was about a million years ago.

Soon, he sharpened a stick, made a spear, and he had a tool that gave him the protection of a little more distance.

Then about 60,000 years ago he came up with the bow & arrow. “Distance favors the trained archer”.

The catapult came along over 1600 years ago as a “Long Distance Assault Device”.

And less than 200 years ago, Col Colt patented his “Revolver”, and we had a refined; “Concealable, Long Distance, Repetitive Shot, Personal Protection Device”.

A reliable, handgun.

Now today, physical size no longer matters. Self-defense is not just for the big & strong. Simply said: Any of us can become dedicated to developing the determination and the skills required to protect ourselves, and our loved-ones, against the unavoidable threat of severe injury or death.

Surviving the “Unthinkable” requires a well thought-out PLAN.

As they say: If you fail to PLAN … Then you are planning to FAIL.

Our next segment will focus on the “PLAN”.