The Plan!

YOU need an effective PLAN

Your attacker will come with a plan of his own.
He’s thought about it.
He’s rehearsed it.
He’s practiced it.
This probably isn’t his first time.
He has the element of “surprise”.

Could unthinkable violence ever come to visit you?

None of us are completely immune from an inescapable, surprise attack. During such an assault, someone is bound to suffer severe injury and even possibly; death. Your assailant has trained for this day. Your survival will depend upon your own, reliable training.

Almost guaranteed: The attack will happen with great speed and with great violence. The survivor will be the one with the greatest speed, and the most effective plan of defense.

We cannot “control” the violent actions of others, BUT we CAN train for victory, and be prepared to STOP the threat without hesitation. The mind-set of the Victor is that he will never give up.

Nobody I know, has a personal platoon of armed & trained warriors, remaining at the ready, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to sacrifice their lives, in order to save the life of their boss.

It would be difficult to guarantee the absolute safety of a person at risk, from the violent actions of a dedicated predator. At the scene of your attack, you will very likely be your own “First Responder”. It will be up to YOU to have a realistic Plan of Action and the absolute will to carry it out.

Those that make this decision, simply chose to become responsible (self-reliant?) for their own safety and well-being.

Sooo… Be prepared. You must be confident that your Personal Protection Plan will overcome the otherwise inescapable threat of grave injury or death brought on by your assailant.

Two things you must be good at:
1.You must be competent in the use of a defensive firearm in order to survive the Gun-fight.

2.You must know and understand the laws of self-defense in order to survive the COURT-FIGHT.

We are all different folks. The details of your Personal Protection Plan will be different for each of us. One size does NOT fit all.

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