Hear from our students

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Annette Washburn
Port Orchard, WA

"I learned more in my first day in class than I had learned in my 15+ years in the US Navy. I can now shoot straighter and with more confidence than ever before. I’m coming back for more."

Josh Flickner
Camino Island, WA

"The Friday Harbor Gun Runners' class was AMAZING!!! JB and his team are great teachers; they made it relevant and entertaining at the same time. The best part was that all the live shooting was from the holster since it was at a private range. This was a great confidence builder as a Washington Concealed Pistol License holder who had never gotten to practice shooting from my holster. I've already been handing his name and number out to friends encouraging them to take one of his classes."

Alicia Olivas
Normandy Park, WA

"Getting some professional one-on-one range coaching resulted in my correcting some of the things that hadn’t been working very well. Now I can shoot with confidence."

Marilyn Brown
Kent, WA

"It was the personal coaching on a grip and stance that works for me. But the best part was finally understanding how to control the trigger!"

Dave Staehlin
San Juan Island, WA

"I travel extensively throughout the United States on my motorcycle so I find personal protection a must. While I have had my Washington concealed carry license for many years I did not realize just how easy it is to secure the right to carry in other states, that is until I found Northwest Safety First. In the space of a single day JB and Glenda gave me the training and forms required to legally carry my concealed firearms in over 30 states. They even rolled my fingerprints and took my photo for submission with my applications. It does not get any easier than this!

It had been 40 years since I had last attended an accredited firearm safety course so I decided it was time to brush up on the basics and signed up for the NRA Basic course offered by JB Herren and Glenda Edwards of Northwest Safety First JB did a superb job in the classroom, drawing upon his many real-world experiences and industry knowledge to make the material interesting, relevant and, most importantly, memorable.

Once out of the class and onto the range, JB and Glenda focused on providing each student with individual coaching and assistance to reinforce the classroom material. Paul Arroyo did an excellent job as the Range Safety Officer, overseeing the range so that it was a safe environment for everyone. I was so impressed with the overall learning experience that I signed my entire family up to take the class!"

Debbi Staehlin
San Juan Island, WA

"I recognize that our world can sometimes be a dangerous place. Traveling can take me into unpredictable situations and although I was a little apprehensive about the responsibility of owning and carrying a firearm for self defense, I came away from my Mother's Day weekend with some surprising skills and the comfort that comes with the ability to train and practice under safe and controlled conditions. I feel fortunate to have professional training available to me."

Berni Federer
Spokane, WA

"My favorite was the easy and relaxing atmosphere of the class. You even made the complexity of the Gun Laws Day very understandable. Great instructors and a comprehensive administrative and support team. Thanks!"

Bob Depot
Mukilteo, WA

"An informative class taught by a dynamic teacher in nice facilities interspersed with gun range practice at an incredible private-home sand-pit location. Surrounded by northwest greenery and two beautiful days of weather. Beautiful weather graced the Great class, Great shooting, Beautiful Scenery, and Amicable Dinners with instructors, staff and, class mates (now new friends!). What a weekend! You definitely get much more than your money's worth with the package."

Betty Carroll
Orting, WA

"What I liked most was how consistent and easy it was to understand the instructors. The scenarios were the best! Now I feel I can be armed and keep myself and others safe."

Diane Scott
Everett, WA

"It was great to finally get some expert instruction and meaningful practice. I learned a new grip and stance that greatly improved my stability and accuracy. Bullseye!"

Fiona Otway
Kirkland, WA

"I shoot to keep my skills sharp on the off chance I ever have to utilize my pistol to defend myself. I feel this is important if I am going to carry concealed to be able to pull from concealment and accurately present and aim at my 'target'.

The SIRT Laser Training pistol is a perfect tool for safely practicing pulling from the holster, acquiring your sight picture and pulling the trigger. It is also less expensive than shooting thousands of rounds. Not that this replaces range time, but it is an excellent addition to range time.

The biggest benefit I have found with the SIRT gun is the green light is rock steady if you have good trigger control. If the light is wavering any, you are not pulling the trigger steady and straight back."

Gretchen Staehlin
San Juan Island, WA

"I have been around guns, though had never shot one before. Growing up in a household with responsible parents and a father that taught me not to run with scissors, buckle my seatbelt and be sure to keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen--just in case. He has now arranged professional firearm instruction for me and I can take responsibility for my own, personal safety. Like my defensive driving skills, the best idea is to recognize and avoid potential dangers. And like my kitchen fire extinguisher and a practiced fire drill, I feel safer knowing I have new skills I can put to use while waiting for the fire truck to arrive..."

Griffin Family
Olympia, WA

"We wanted to write a belated "thank you" to you for the excellent defensive handgun training you provided our family. As you will remember, we brought the whole bunch with us, sons Neil and Alex, and daughter Kelly and son-in-law Paul, for two days of both classroom and range training.

As it was January, the weather was not wonderful, but as you said: "consider it real-world conditions!" Although it did not rain much, it was cold, with the temperature in the low to mid 30s by the time we hit the range. Despite that, you made sure we were properly trained about safety first in the classroom, then on to the range. You took us slowly through the steps of dry firing, individual shooting to gauge our competence and skill, splitting us into two groups by experience level, and then working with us to improve confidence and accuracy. You always carefully made sure each of us individually was totally comfortable so that none were pushed in any way. This was quite important, particularly with Jeanette and Kelly.

The family all said it was the best family activity we have ever done, and we hope to do it again with you.

Not all of us that took the class have decided to take the step to carry a concealed weapon, but several of us have and we now feel confident about being able to do so safely. We are sure that, in the terrible eventuality of being in a position where our life or the life of others is threatened, we are competent to be able to stop the threat.

Thanks again for doing what you do, and doing it so well!"

Williams Family
Edgewood, WA

"Several gun shows ago, I was looking around for a good deal on something when I looked at a booth that was advertising concealed carry permits for multiple states. As my family and I were looking at a long multi-state trip in the future, I asked a few questions. Within a few moments, I had some answers for questions I did not even know I had. Some things that I thought I knew were not the case, and many there were many things that I did not know that could come up and bite me in the worst possible way. I signed my wife and myself up for the class, and ended up in a detailed full day class. I knew it was good, as it was about 8 or 9 hours, but felt like 5, and due to my line of work, (paramedic/firefighter), I have to take an above average number of classes in a given year. Most importantly, my wife enjoyed it as well. This was teaching in a class, not a diploma mill.

While there, I spoke to JB and Glenda about additional training and concerns I had regarding our children. Long story short, we ended up in a 4 day training class put on by North West Safety First with our entire family. This was done age appropriate from our 10 year old daughter and 12 and 14 year old boys. We, as their parents had a great time as well. A good balance of levity, with the underlying knowledge that this was not a game, and was deadly serious.

Classroom time and range time was used to good effect. A lot of ammunition went downrange, all with purpose, and increased accuracy as time went by. Life is not a game, and defense is not child's play. Kids need knowledge from an early age, as they are a sponge. Life is not all fun and games, as there is evil out there. I feel better knowing our family has had training in the use of deadly force. Yes, our kids our young, but far too many victims of violent crime are young as well. As parents, we feel that we need to remove the veil of mystery surrounding guns and defense, and replace it with knowledge and skill. Skill that can erode if not maintained and practiced. We will be back for more. They have our respect and friendship."

Our classes include:

  • Firearm safety
  • Gear selection
  • Live-fire shooting skills
  • Gun laws & the judicious use of lethal force
  • Concealed carry permits honored in more than 30 other states
  • Children and firearms