School Shooting Update: Vancouver, WA

The topic of “Restraining Orders” will be the focus of another upcoming writing in the very near future.

Here’s the latest news available to us:

  • Evidently the “suspected” shooter was a violent 38-year-old male who had just been released from prison only a few days ago.
  • The shooting happened a few minutes after 3pm yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon.
  • The victims were two adult women parked in their car with two or three children inside, they had picked up from the school.
  • The shooter approached on foot and shot through the window(s) at the women inside. The children were not physically injured.
  • Nobody shot back.
  • The shooter drove away as responding law enforcement arrived.
  • Ultimately, the shooter was cornered by Law Enforcement and exited his car and faced the arriving officers and put his own gun to his head and shot himself. No shots were fired by Law Enforcement.
  • Initially the shooter survived his self-inflicted head wound, but ultimately died later at the hospital.
  • None of the children were physically harmed, but the two adult women in the car with them were both wounded. Both women were taken to the hospital. One has since died and the other is expected to recover.
  • There had been a Restraining Order between the shooter and at least one of the women.

The key is to learn from what happens to others, and the goal is to create a PLAN that will discourage and/or defeat the felonious plans of the predator(s).

More about the “PLAN” in future writings.

We always aim to please,
JB & Glenda & Gunner-the-Dog