The PLAN: Street Smarts Plan-Builder Workshop

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Maybe … Everybody won’t make the choice to carry a GUN …

BUT: Everybody should make the choice to have a PLAN

This is a workshop with the tactics & skills for the Gunfight AND for the Court-fight.


Problem #1; is how to WIN the Gunfight!

 Problem #2; is how to STAY OUT of the Court-Fight!

Here’s what you get: Come away with a class notebook chock-full of solid ideas that will help you outline your own 2020 Personal Protection PLAN, before you leave the classroom.  Take the mystery out of the myths.  Let’s separate the facts from the fantasies.

EVERY responsible gun owner should have a practiced plan of personal defense. Know what to do … and when to do it. Firearm safety is a team effort. Know it by heart and share it with family.

The Weekend Course is a Hands-On, Student-Participation, Scenario style presentation with actual current case studies.