Tacti-cool Tune-up Range Skills


October 28,2021 – South of Olympia  (Call (360) 378-1776 to add a Spouse or
Buddy for 1/2!)

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This is defensive handgun training you can bet your life on!

This is a day of tactical range shooting designed for the motivated student whom is dedicated to the serious choice/responsibility of defensive firearm ownership.  We start the day outlining firearm safety and protocols for the day.  Then onto the private tactical range for defensive handgun exercises & drills.  Shoot the dueling trees.  Shoot a hillside of steel plates & gongs.  Shoot the hostage rescue silhouettes.  Shoot the Lawn Flamingos.  Shoot the new Steel Qualifier!

We keep the firing line limited to a small number of shooters so everyone has the opportunity for some one-on-one coaching. This class is appropriate for both novice and seasoned shooters alike.

Be safe!  Be responsible!  Be skillful!  Be respectful!