Private Range Tutorial


Looking for a private, one-on-one instruction and range day? This is the package for you.

This is a day of tactical range shooting designed for the motivated student whom is dedicated to the serious choice/responsibility of defensive firearm ownership.  We start the day in the classroom and outline the firearm safety and protocols for the day.  Then we head out to a private tactical range for a day of defensive handgun exercises & drills.  Shoot the dueling trees.  Shoot a hillside of steel plates & gongs.  Shoot the hostage rescue silhouettes.  Shoot the Lawn Flamingos.  Shoot the new Steel Qualifier!

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned shooter, this private session allows us to focus on working with you. Please contact us to schedule your range day, otherwise we will contact you after your order to schedule it.

Be safe!  Be responsible!  Be skillful!  Be respectful!

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