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The times they are a-changing! And it’s not all unicorns, butterflies, and rainbows.

I am writing this today out of concern for our futures. I make no predictions about what’s in store for ourselves and our country. But one thing I DO know for sure: We must all agree on some foundational truths, and work to be prepared for our tomorrows.

Knowing HOW to shoot the gun may be the easy part. But understanding WHEN … and most importantly; when NOT … to use deadly force is what this “School” is also about.

You have probably asked yourself; What are the “chances” you will ever be involved in a gunfight? Probably very slim. But the most important question is: What are the consequences of being involved in a gunfight? Talk to a few gunfight survivors, and you will learn that the better understanding you have of the Laws of Self-Defense before you are confronted with a life-threatening assault, the better chance you will have of not only surviving:

(a) The FIRST fight that involves all the screamin’ & shootin’ … but then you may face;

(b) Another battle in Criminal Court … and yet the possibilities of;

(c) Another battle in Civil Court. It ain’t over, until it’s over.

My goal for this membership section of the School is to help on all levels of firearms training:

Threat Recognition,

Mental Preparedness,

Lethal Force Laws …

and the Aftermath.

Bad things can happen to good people, and we all need to have a Plan for that. Each one of us is responsible for our own safety.

I understand this is both a Financial Investment as well as a Time Commitment. There are no short cuts. We built this Membership Section for those who are serious about investing in the resources that will give you the best opportunities to keep you & your loved ones, aware and secure.

I promise to invest the resources of the School into your plan for the best future in these changing times.

As our social media outlets have become less and less dependable, I need this outlet to stay in contact with you without fear of censorship. This is an outlet by invitation only. This is a source you can trust.

The bottom line is our Old School Gun School team looks forward to investing in your “Better Tomorrow”. And to help prepare you for whatever is coming … and … Have no doubts …”Change” is coming.

This Membership is a reliable, life-changing resource for every responsible gun owner who has taken the responsibility to own a firearm for personal defense.

We always aim to please,



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  • CASE STUDIES on real life situations and events you need to understand in case you are ever in a similar circumstances so that you have the knowledge to keep yourself on the "right-side" of the law.

  • Join GLENDA IN THE POWDER ROOM LIVE for her clear perspective on how things Are … and how things Should Be.

  • Get live video or audio training, new or from our archives, included with your membership access every month.

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  • As new courses are developed and scheduled, MEMBERS will get ADVANCED ACCESS and the opportunity to register at least ONE WEEK in ADVANCE of the general public.

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