Lethal Force Gun Laws

Tactics & Strategies Conference

Lethal Force Gun Laws Tactics

& Strategies Conference

June 2-5, 2023

Lethal Force Gun Laws

Tactics & Strategies Conference

Welcome to the June 2-5, 2023, Boise Conference!

WHEN will you need to know and understand the Laws of Self Defense?

Answer: At your trial...

We begin with; “What if...”?

“What If...”? is a great conversation starter. Every time we solve the problem at hand, we can be sidetracked by the next; “Yeah ... BUT What If ...”?

“What If” can be an endless labyrinth. An endless game of Whack-a-Mole.

What to expect? If you are ever confronted by an inescapable threat that could result in your serious bodily injury ... OR ... The possibility of your DEATH ...

We can EXPECT such a threat will come at great speed and with great violence.

The SURVIVOR of such a threat will have planned for such a happening, and will be the speedy-est and the violent-est.

Those that learn from the experiences of others take a shortcut to the head of the Survivor Line.

These 4 Days are all about GUN LAWS and the Judicious Use of Lethal Force in Self Defense. You will learn first-hand from some of our nation’s most talented Presenters. Together, they truly make up a Dream Team.

This is the only event where they are all together, in the same place, on the same stage, at the same time

Speaker JB Herren

JB Herren brings his 40+ years of training experience to set the stage.

The Laws of Lethal Force. You will come away knowing more than ever about how the Law guides us through the legal maze that is bound to follow any serious self-defense incident. You MUST know and Understand the LAW ... Because ... IGNORANCE of the Law will never be an excuse, nor an effective defense at your trial.

Speaker Rory Miller

Rory Miller will join JB on stage with some recent case studies and a couple of deadly assault scenarios acted out, step-by-step, on our stage. Rory will narrate what those involved did to their advantage ... and what steps may have led to failure.

Rory brings his international hands-on experience to this class with tested results that makes the difference between a “Victor” and a “Victim”.

Come prepared to be part of the action! Our live-action scenarios often include the unpredictable responses of attendees being chosen to be part of the happenings. This is how we learn the best answers of “What would you do if ...”

Speaker Ed Monk

Ed Monk Returns to our stage with a detailed presentation of understanding the “Violent Criminal Actor”.

Failure to understand your adversary is a recipe for failure! Ed will lead us through the recognizable traits and actions that can “tell” us what to expect, from the un-thinkable.

Ed supports these lessons through the study of 20+ Self-Defense assaults that were “caught on tape”. Avert your eyes if you need to, but Seeing is believing.

The Path to Prison is a well-traveled trail by those who took these life-or-death responsibilities casually and then entered into the unexpected, ill-informed.

Speaker John Hearne

Defeating Violent Criminals: A Conceptual and Tactical Analysis

This course offers both an academic and practical understanding of who criminals are, how criminals operate, and how to defeat them. Divided into four sections, the first section offers a general overview of violent crime in the United States, the types of criminals, their motivations, how they select victims, and strategies for avoiding becoming a victim. The second section
reviews fifteen years of FBI research into bad guys, good guys and their interactions, research which remains the gold standard for understanding these topics. The last two sections are case studies of two significant gunfights involving apex criminal predators - the Newhall Massacre and the FBI-Miami Firefight. The case studies are not limited to weapons carried and mistakes
made but include extensive coverage of the bad guys, their histories and motivations, in order to understand how significant the high end offender can be.

This class is intended for a general audience with questions about
self-defense and being safer. The case studies focus on serious lessons for the general public.

Topics Include:

Prevalence of Crime In U.S.

Property Crime Concerns

Career Violent Criminals

Motivations for Crime

Types of Criminals

Victim Selection

Effective Avoidance & Deselection

High v. Low Responders

Gang Members

Tool Acquisition & Use

Brain Considerations

Training Implications

The Deadly Mix Model

Good Guy v. Bad Guy Backgrounds

Lethal Force Gun Laws Tactics & Strategies Conference

After these four days you will come away feeling you have a full semester of knowledge that will make the difference on knowing WHAT to do ... and WHEN to do it!

About us

About us

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