The Four Rules of Gun Safety

Know them. Trust them. Follow Them.

Gun Safety Rule #1

Always treat a gun
like it's loaded.

Gun Safety Rule #2

Don't point at anything
you don't want to shoot.

Gun Safety Rule #3

Keep your finger off the trigger
until ready to fire.

Gun Safety Rule #4

Be sure of your target and what's in front and behind it.

These four simple rules can give you the confidence and knowledge for a lifetime of safe handling of firearms. Whether you choose to carry for protection, shoot recreationally or just want to be safe, these four rules are worth learning. It's your responsibility to be safe when around firearms.

Be safe. Be confident. Be a steward for the responsible handling of firearms.


Our classes include:

  • Firearm safety
  • Gear selection
  • Live-fire shooting skills
  • Gun laws & the judicious use of lethal force
  • Concealed carry permits honored in more than 30 other states
  • Children and firearms