Beyond Your CCW

& the Use Of Lethal Force

Family Firearm Fundamentals

Beyond Your CCW

& the Use Of Lethal Force Weekend

The times they are a changin'!

It's more important now, than ever, to know and understand the Laws surrounding the Use of Lethal Force.

So... You think you want to carry a GUN for Self-Defense?

Owing a firearm is a right. Carrying a firearm in a public place where innocent bystanders could be the backstop for any errant rounds, is a privilege that comes with a responsibility.  

This weekend picks up where our Gun Law Class for CCW Permitting left off. This is for the serious firearm owner who wants to know and understand when to shoot and when not to shoot.  

The Right to keep, and bear arms is a protected Right for all law-abiding American citizens. And all RIGHTS come with Responsibilities. This class will give you the confidence of knowing and understanding WHEN, and to what degree, a self-defender's use of Lethal Force may become justifiable.

Classrooms are always cheaper and easier than Courtrooms.

Join us in the Classroom and learn more about the Courtroom.

Here are the topics for the weekend:

· Color Code of Awareness

·  Justifiable Homicide

· Levels of Homicide (Lethal Force)

·   Yardstick of Justice

·    Voir dire – jury selection

·    Mens rea – the guilty mind

·    Affirmative Defense

·    Standard of Proof

·    Priorities of Survival

·    Furtive Movement

·     Fleeing Felon

·    Case Studies & Scenarios

Beyond Your CCW& the Use Of Lethal Force

Tuition per person $1776

TACOMA, Saturday & Sunday, August 3rd & 4th

  • Beyond Your CCW 4-Day Package - tuition per person $2995

    (Safety Orientation required, live or live-online prior to the class.)

    Day #1 & Day #2 Beyond Your CCW (range)

    Saturday & Sunday, July 20th & 21st

    Day #3 & Day #4 Beyond Your CCW & the Use Of Lethal Force (classroom)

    Saturday & Sunday, August 3rd & 4th

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About us

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