Another School Shooting!

This time in Vancouver, Washington.

Columbine was the real record-breaker. But now, very sadly, school shootings seem to be a regular occurrence.

Just yesterday, another shooting outside a school in Vancouver, Washington. We don’t know all the facts, but it seems a family was attacked by an angry man that the courts had issued a Restraining Order against, in order to protect those folks from a known predator.

Many school shootings are instigated by a student. But the assailant in this case was an adult not directly associated with the school. It appears his target was a family and their children. Because it involved children being picked up at the school, it is classified as a “school shooting”.

Somehow the children escaped physical injury, however, the adults in the car were shot by the assailant and the assailant fled when police arrived. When chased down and cornered by Law Enforcement, the “suspected” assailant stepped out of his car, put his gun to his head, and shot himself. However, the self-inflicted shot was not fatal, and he is receiving medical treatment.

Reliable details are still pretty sketchy.

Meanwhile, we are gathering more info regarding the Saugus High School shooting. New complications.

JB & Glenda & Gunner-the-Dog